SWOT Analysis on WordPress

Today  I am Here to make attention about SWOT  Analysis. what is swot and why swot? S-Strength     W-Weakness   O-Opportunity  T- Threat   Before learning any technology  we Have to keep In Mind this word after that it will be Helpful to take decision about competitive technology  .

Now just Come on our main Attention !!!!

SWOT Analysis of WordPress


  • large and lively user base community  as well as developers working
  • Highly customizable providing the users great control on content management and development
  •  Free for customers with an option of paid account for unique domain
  • The functionality can be extended as per the user requirement
  • and   many more


  •  tough to update through mobile


  • Expand capabilities to allow users to create effective websites
  • Acquiring more partnerships with other websites and mobile operators for integration
  • .Attracting more users by making payments


  • Attacks from malicious threats and other security issues
  • Improved functionality by competitive blogging platforms
  • Newly emerging competitive blogging platforms

If You are not able to understand then learn wordpress with us . it will take some time to learn.  aj ke liye itna hi … thanku







why WordPress???

WordPress is one of many PHP/MySQL content management systems that allow content editors to use a web interface to maintain their sites instead of editing and uploading HTML files to a server.

I Think You Get puzzled. Ok Then First learn about Content Management System(CMS) which is the System to manage the content easily by web interface.

It does not required to think about coding part. no need of editing the source code on the server. just little will need of customization which we will learn later.

It  Can be installed in your System  in Less than 5 Minute.

For More Study Today Just Go Through http://codex.wordpress.org/Glossary and learn Some Technical Term Of WordPress. It Will be more Helpful In future.



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